Pet portraits |Professor Murphy, 2013|oil on canvas|18 x 11 in.|pet portraits

Pet Portraits by Calgary artist Monique Westra


This is a portrait of my Goldendoodle Murphy caught in a moment of rapt attention. The painting is based on a photograph taken by my son Evan who placed a dog biscuit on top of his camera. Murphy’s eyes never deviate from his prize. Behind his stately and dignified countenance is a colourful and abstract pattern reminiscent of a bookcase.

Welcome to Monique Westra’s website.  Monique is a Calgary artist who specializes in commissions of pet portraits, especially paintings of dogs. She loves to paint dog portraits and cat portraits. All custom pet portraits are oil on canvas. Pet portraits make thoughtful and meaningful gifts for a family member, a friend or a client.  This is especially true if the pet has died. A posthumous pet portrait is a wonderful way to memorialize a treasured dog or cat who played a huge role in someone’s life.

 “I couldn’t believe what we saw when we opened up our package. This is so amazing and special!! Kind of bitter sweet as I was just thinking how Double had been gone from our lives for exactly one month yesterday…then this beautiful painting showed up … So incredible! It is like he is here again…so lifelike! I have to admit it made me cry a bit….but they were happy tears!  I cannot thank you enough for such a thoughtful gift and gesture! It is already hanging on the wall. I sure do miss that boy with the sweet face and soft ears!  I wanted to let you know we received this most special gift and thank you again from the bottom of my heart!! We will cherish it forever!” 

pet portraits, dog portrait, Double, 2012, oil on canvas, 11 x 14 in

    • Dog, cat & bird paintings
    • Each pet portrait is unique                               
    • Original oil painting on canvas
    • Clearly recognizable dog, cat or bird
    • Distinctive style
    • Colourful backgrounds, single colour or abstract pattern
    • Landscape background, if desired
    • Small scale format
    • Based on personal photographs
    • Reasonable time frame for completion

if you would like to know more about how you can commission a beautiful oil painting of a beloved pet, please contact me. 



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