Pet portraits |Professor Murphy, 2013|oil on canvas|18 x 11 in.|pet portraits

Pet Portraits: Cat & Bird Paintings

As other pet portraits, I work from photographs to paint a cat portrait. I concentrate on the eyes and the pose of the cat as well as on capturing the color and softness of the fur. The faces of cats are more nuanced than that of dogs. They do not have pronounced muzzles and the transitions are very subtle. Some backgrounds are playful like “Jools,” who looks like he is stepping out of an abstract painting. “Tom Cat” has a tonal background based on gradations of purple. This cat lives in Washington, DC. I love the freckles on his nose. The birds are my own cockatiels who are now 17 years old. As a couple, they take care of each other and this involves grooming. My son Evan Westra took a series of photographs of Lily and Elmo grooming each other and these became the basis for a series of paintings. Contact me to commission your own cat & bird paintings.
Monique Westra, Calgary

Tom Cat source photograph | Cat & Bird Paintings               © Tom Cat | Monique Westra | Cat & Bird Paintings